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The Bat Guy

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#1 Bat Guy

We're delighted to show off our latest commission for sticker designs for The Bat Guy.

This has been a great job to work on with a really interesting solution required to fulfill the client briefand providea set of stickers that are unique but don't take away from the original logo.

We were given the original logo, typography and layout with a brief to change this to make it stand out and amongst other stickers whilst still keeping the essential elements of the original.

Bat Guy


We were really excited with the final design which we called 'Geo Bat'. It took the original logo, straightened it up and tightened up the symmetry and then split it into geometric shapes and tonal black & grey colour scheme. This was then replicated on the typography with a large wordmark spine sticker and 'Refurb', 'Repair' & 'Custom' stickers in shades of Grey, Blue or Red.

2 final sticker designs were chosen, Splice, featuring a triangular face sticker and Ribbon, with a straight sticker block finishing with a curve matching the bottom of the bat wings.

Bat Guy

Our final idea was a handle sticker featuring a QR code so The Bat Guy's customers can directly reccommend him to their friends.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can create custom logos & branding for your company.

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