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The Batman

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The Batman


I love cricket bats. I love the look, the feel and the smell but most of all I love the graphics. Mmmmm. Nothing quite gets me like a classic bat with some old school graphics and it’s what inspires me to keep creating new designs. I am always looking back to move forward in that I like to take inspirations from classic designs from yesteryear and give my own modern interpretation to create a new Cricket Originals classic.


As you’ve read there will be a Cricket Originals bat launching in 2018 and so I needed to find some classic bat inspiration to help create my own bat - The One. So where would a verified Bat Badger like myself go to find some lovely old school willowy goodness? Well, to the Batman of course!


Bill Vallence may not wear a cape or have a butler named Alfred but he does have a Bat Cave! And is this Bat Cave Bill keeps a collection of over 130 cricket bats, most of them original, all of them cool, so naturally I had to get in touch with him to talk old school bats. You can see them on his Instagram page Billisbatty


I asked Bill for his top 5 favourite bats in the collection.

“It’s impossible for me to limit it to just 5 so I’ll have to go with my top 10” he said. Then he gave me 11.


So here’s Bill’s, ahem Top 11. Cue the music…


10 - Slazenger V800

“I had a couple when I played and I’ve never had a bad one” says Bill. “Even managed to fluke a couple of those Mark Waugh on drives using one. This one cost $50”

Cricket Originals bats

9 - Fisher Classic

“I would have to say this is the nicest piece of willow in my entire collection, had a few hits in the nets with my son and this thing is Brilliant. If I was to saddle up again this is what I’d use”

Cricket T-shirts bags and bats

8 - Duncan Fearnley Magnum

“I loved the Magnum, made you feel a bit special using one.”

Cricket Originals tees

7 - Newbury Merlin

“This was the last bat I used in a match, our 4th Grade team was short of a few players so they dragged me out. I remember a forward defence that raced to the fence, no effort at all in the stroke. I lent it to the next guy in and he made 60 odd with it and said it was the best bat he’d ever used”

Cricket Bats

6 - County Reflex

“The flash brother to the County’s produced in Aus. Nice shape and great pickup”

Hunts County Bats

5 - Gray Nicolls GN100

“Pretty much the go-to bat for budding Greg Chappells and a good all round bat”

Gray Nicolls Scoop

4 - Straight Six

“The Straight Six was produced by Maddocks Sports in Melbourne. A very good club kit bat, very good quality for such a low priced bat”

Australia Cricket Bat

3 - GM Purist

“The Gunn and Moore Purist, very elegant and a lovely middle. I’m a big fan of GM”

GM Purist Michael Vaughn

2 - Slazenger V12

“Only just pipped by the number 1 you didn’t need to put much effort into your shots they would just fly out of the middle.”

Slazenger Cricket Bat

1 - SS Jumbo

“I rate the SS Jumbo as the best bat I’ve ever used, had a couple of them back in the day and made my first 100 with one”

Best Cricket Bat

And that concludes our Top 10 with the winner...woah, woah, woah wait a minute!

You said there was 11 so where’s this other other bat?


Symonds Super Tusker

“How could I leave out Symonds! These are 2 originals and when I was in the army the Unit kit bags always had a few symonds and some County Clive Lloyd Supercats. The Super Tusker was an absolute beast!”

 Symmonds Super Tusker

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  1. Lutful Haque

    The GM purist, are interested to sell it?

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  2. MSA

    Loved the article... Down memory lane...the Symonds Tusker was an absolute beast for sure

    Posted on

  3. Alexander Senneck

    Loving the reminiscing about the you know anything about the brand now? Who owns it, makes the bats still or probably not.... Alex

    Posted on

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