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Soz! No really, Soz.

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We didn't forget we were just busy alright!

You know when you start a blog? You say "Yep, I'll do a post every week. you know, keep it fresh, current, interesting!"

Well we did that as well and for a while we kept posting different stuff. Yes I know it wasn't every week, jeez give me a break!!! But we kept it, you know, fresh, current, interesting.

So the eagle eyed amongst you will see that last post from June and think we've kicked back and forgotten about The Scorebook. Well we haven't we've just been busy, alright.

We've put some new merch up for you like the Howzat T-shirt, Silhouette Sweatshirt and the awesome Letterpress bag. Sweet!

And we've been creating some cool new branding for our friends at We Coach Cricket they're the guys with the awesome coaching tips, The Cricket Show and who could ignore the £20 bat challenge!

And then there's the stuff coming for the 2018 season. We've got.....woah, woah woah. Let's save that for the next post. Next week...probably...

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