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All Out Cricket Advert

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All Out Cricket Advert


Those of you with a keen eye for reading cricket publications may have seen our advert in All Out Cricket magazine, for those of you who haven’t, here it is.

aoc #1

So, you know Cricket Originals, we don’t want to be like others we want to be different, unique but with an unmistakable style.

We had a look at the other adverts that are featured in the same section and looked at what would make our advert stand out and the answer was...less. Less images, less words, labels and clutter.

It needed to be simple and clean with a key T-Shirt image to do the work but have some other t-shirts to show more of the range available. It also needed to convey why our t-shirts are better than the rest, they are UK made, fashion fit and unique, original designs.

Then the all important tag line.”IT’S TIME TO BE AN ORIGINAL”

The call to action, telling you you don’t have to be like the crowd, you can be different and unique. No cheap slogans, no ironic sledging just fashion and design wrapped up in a product that reflects your style.

The finishing touches are our signature colour and font tying in with the website and a simple white block across the bottom to allow the web page to be read clearly.

So, let us know if you like it by commenting below and check out next month's edition of AOC to see our second advert in the series.


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