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New Year, New Look

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New Year, New Look

We may have been quiet over January but that doesn't meen we've been sitting doing nothing. No, 2016 is bringing a new look to the Cricket Originals website and it is the first in a number of new and exciting things happening in the 2016 season.

The things you know and love will stay the same. We are still producing UK made, fashion fit, screen printed T-Shirts with original logos and designs from size small all the way up to XXL. All your purchases will still come wrapped in UK made packaging including the wonderful black and white striped twine, and Made in Britain recycled plastic mailing bag with a convenient carry handle if you need to take it home.

So, what's new?

We've refreshed the website to make it easier to use and and navigate whilst still delivering the same quality of content. We're using a new sans serif font which ties in with our original branding and logos. New page title headers are clear, easy to understand and help establish our brand identity across all the pages.

We're using some retro ribbon graphics across our site which tie in with some existing and new products as well as making navigation across the site easy.

beoriginal ribbon

This is only the beginning, we have some new products on the way and some exciting news for the 2016 cricket season. So keep in touch via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages and get involved.

Watch this space...

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