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The 12 Bats of Christmas - Kippax Colossus

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12 bats colossus


The 12 Bats of Christmas - Kippax Colossus

A big talking point in cricket is about size. Are modern bats bigger, do they make the ball go further, what’s the secret to more boundaries? We’ll save that discussion for another blog but whilst we’re discussing size why not go to the top…

Kippax make the biggest bats on the market. No ifs, no buts just huge sweet spots and massive, massive edges. Why and how are they making them bigger? The secret is the air and kiln dried willow and its origin which is from Kippax’s own private willow trees where they plant 100 trees  every year at their Yorkshire plantation to ensure that they have the right wood to produce the monster bats.

So what would a super-sized, monster bat be called? The Colossus, of course! Where some bat makers talk about 60mm spine heights the Colossus can boast that as the size of the edge. With a profile so big there needs to be weight taken out so the back is concaved and has a generous amount taken out at the shoulder and a slight duck bill to the toe. Make no mistake, you know you’ve got a big bat in your hands but it doesn’t feel unwieldy, just like it means business.

The unique Wavex handle reduces vibration through the handle and redirects the energy back to the blade which Kippax claim to increase the power to energy ratio by 50%.

When you walk out to bat the opposition will know you’ve arrived at the crease as not only is the bat big but the stickers are very bold with the Kippax ‘K’ logo branded into that huge edge!

So if you’re the one in your team who deals in boundaries you know which bat to choose.


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