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The 12 Bats of Christmas - B3 Custom

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The 12 Bats of Christmas- B3 Custom

Whilst some companies hide the fact that they use CNC machines to make their bats B3 have embraced it to give you state of the art technology & design all at your fingertips. This enables you to get exactly the bat you want by making all the adjustments by B3’s unique CAD package.

The B3 company motto is ‘Ultimate Choice, Optimum Performance’ and no other bat in their range embodies this more than a B3 Custom. Yes, you’ve read it right 500,00 combinations! Because of their CAD controlled machine you can tweak & adjust the selections to get your perfect personalised bat. Worried you’ll create Frankenstein’s monster? Well don’t as B3 have taken all the stress out of creating your new blade by making it a simple step by step process through their website.

- Start with your size, then adjust your profile shape to dictate the amount of scooping between edge & spine. There are 4 choices ranging from a traditional convex profile to the modern scooped shape.

- Next is edges, you get 6 choices to decide between a classic handmade edge profile, high swell or a modern big edge with reduced shoulders & toe.

- Then we move on to spine height where your decision is between 6 shapes to give you a high, mid or low swell.

Once you have made these 3 choices you see a 3D mapped image and a 360° view of your bat. But wait, you’re not finished there!

The next page features the the finer detail such as the finished weight, handle shape & length and the all important sticker choice! You can choose the grade of your bat from the B3 stripe system (1,2 or 3 stripe). Not sure, then check out their video explaining it.

Once you’re done your bat will have its own unique product code so you can replicate your perfect custom bat in the future. How cool is that!

So, what would we choose? P2, E6, S3, 3 stripe with oval handle, white grip and black stickers. Just need to put it to good use...



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