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The 12 Bats of Christmas - Blankbats B2

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The 12 Bats of Christmas - Blankbats B2


In an era of embossed decals, edge branding & multi coloured stickers there’s a UK company out there who’s taken a different view on how they show their bats. That company’s look and philosophy is summed up by their simple no-nonsense name. Blankbats.

We’ve picked the Blankbats B2 which typifies the modern bat with its chunky edges and a big spine to keep lots of wood in the hitting area. The sweet spot is lower down to benefit those who prefer driving on the front foot and is perfect for people who play on slow, low wickets. To keep the balance in this monster bat the weight is taken out of the back of the blade by a gently concave sanded shape and reduced wood in the shoulders through to the oval handle.

The balance on this bat is superb with the weight coming through nice and late to ensure you hit the ball long instead of just up in the air and with a choice of grade 1 or pro grade willow you’ll be ensured of straight and true grains and high performance willow.

Where these guys come into their own is with the branding. Or lack of it. By only keeping the small v shaped stickers covering the splice on the front and back it lets the wood do the talking and as I have one of these in my kit bag I can vouch for the fact that I always get asked “what’s that bat you’re using?” Usually as they’re watching the ball disappear into the distance.


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