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The 12 Bats of Christmas - Woodstock Airstream

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The 12 Bats of Christmas - Woodstock Airstream


Multi award winning brand Woodstock have come a long way in just 5 years. The handcrafted beautifully detailed range can be seen at many a ground across the country and John Newsome’s hard work has been rewarded in a brand that is instantly recognisable. Having worked at Newbury he knows what makes a good bat and has transformed that knowledge and experience into a labour of love with every Woodstock bat meticulously detailed.

For our 12 Bats of Christmas feature we have chosen the flagship model from Woodstock, the Airstream. This bat was the 2014 winner in All Out Cricket’s gear review and was created with input from Woodstock’s contracted professionals. It has the modern look with a high spine & big edges and is beautifully contoured to create an extended middle with the weight just below centre giving it a good all round performance.

It has performed well across the All Out Cricket Bat tests coming 2nd for 2 years and winning in 2014 with judge Paul Nixon saying “As soon as I saw the bat I knew. I’d like to take this home with me now and start playing with it!”

Inspired by the name, the Airstream’s shape allows it to flow through the air and hit the ball strong and long! The Woodstock branding is amongst my favourite with a real heritage feel backed up with shiny chrome & blue decals to add a touch of class to your kitbag.


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