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The 12 Bats of Christmas - Aldred Spectre

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The 12 Bats of Christmas - Aldred Spectre


Paul Aldred’s philosophy harks back to an age old tradition of hand crafted bats using spokeshaves and draw knives but don’t be fooled into thinking his creations are old hat. Each bat is made from start to finish by Paul’s hand & is continually graded throughout the manufacturing process with every bat individually pressed regardless of grade.

The Spectre is the newest addition to the range and is Paul’s modern interpretation of a classic 80’s bat, the magnificent Duncan Fearnley Magnum. He has taken that traditional shape with its minimal concaving to the back so the spine is high with lots of wood focussed on the hitting area. One look at the profile and you can instantly see his modern take on the shape with big edges and it picks up well for something with so much wood on it. Paul won’t leave anything to chance and presses & finishes the bat himself. The new embossed Spectre stickers really add a touch of class and compliment the quality of Paul’s finishing and I’ve always liked his sticker on toe stating “Made by Humans”.

Paul states that a little bit of his soul runs through each bat & you can really tell with the level of craftsmanship to his products. He’s always happy to talk cricket and will adjust the bat until it’s exactly to your liking. Want a bit more info? Then check out this Youtube video from Paul about his latest masterpiece.

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