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6 Runs

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6 Runs


Pick the bat up straight, weight forward, head still, swing through the line….6 RUNS!

Where better to start than 6 runs and in our case it’s a run of 6...T-Shirts that is.

Our introductory range are 6 screen printed tees, each one different but with a common theme.You might want to start with a timeless classic like our Originals Curve printed in black or our retro Bat & Ribbon printed in classic blue, both on a crisp white fashion fit T Shirt made in the UK.

Maybe your style is different and you are more flamboyant, confident. There’s no half measures, it’s Go Big or Go Home as you watch the ball sail over the ropes. What if you’re more watchful, classic, playing ‘proper’ cricket shots as that Yorkshireman would say? You play through the V, always Show The Makers Name, just like our logo, straight down the middle.

Whatever your style it’s all about the game of Cricket, The Sport of Kings, with a golden yellow hue against a bright azure blue backdrop.

Just like us you want to forge your own path and be original, making a statement about the leaders and followers out there. So, why not make this your mantra “I am an original, so why aren’t you?

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