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    Pinch Hitter T-Shirt

    There’s a new boy in town. He’s different to the others, powerful, more aggressive, swings from the hip. He likes to go in at the top of the order and dictate the game, stamping his mark on the scoresheet with a flurry of 4’s and 6’s.

    Some people might say he’s a slogger but we know better. There’s a name for him - The Pinch Hitter.

    Welcome to our new tee the Original Pinch Hitter, a mixture of bold and outlined block type mixed with a Blue Highway sans serif font with our signature look of a cricket bat replacing the ‘i’s’ in Original.

    pinch - blue

    Screenprinted in white the look is bold and eye catching just like the Pinch Hitter’s cricket. A UK made product using our 100% ring-spun cotton fashion fit T-Shirt in navy and our Cricket Originals logo printed on the left sleeve.

    The Pinch Hitter tee is £19.99 with free UK or flat rate international shipping beautifully presented in our UK made packaging. Don’t miss out, buy one now.


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    The Tee Break

    No I’ve not spelt it wrong, this edition of the Scorebook is not about Teas but Tees. T-shirts that is.

    The T-Shirt has always been a great way of expressing yourself; cool and casual or strong and controversial. Brands, bands, adverts and statements, wear it loud and proud for everyone to see! So when I was looking for a T-Shirt to buy I noticed there was something missing from the choice of cricket T-Shirts on the market.

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of great tees out there and the companies making them are doing a great job but for me they all seemed a bit generic. One simple parodied design with the wording changed to reflect your choice of County/Country/Player (delete as applicable), a grainy print of a cricketer or an ironic phrase to almost apologise for liking cricket enough to wear a big baggy T-Shirt about it.

    Well, that’s not for me and I know there are plenty of people out there who feel the same. Cricket as a game is thoughtful and stylish, constantly reinventing itself with new shots, bowling techniques and imaginative field settings whilst being true to its origins and heritage so why couldn't you buy a tee that reflects this?

    So that’s my angle, style and fashion with original design after all the clue is in the name, I want to be original. The designs are one-off, designed by me and not a replica of anything with the names just subtly changed.


    blue - why arent you blue - curve blue - go big



    Take the Cricket Originals logo for example, a mixture of 2 Sans Serif fonts with the ‘i’ in cricket replaced with a hand drawn bat (I wanted to make sure the proportions were right!) The word Cricket has been gently curved to give it a feel of motion whilst the letters in the word Originals has been given slightly wider spacing to help give the logo balance.

    The current season’s range of designs all embrace the game without parodying it, taking cricketing expressions or unique logos and putting them into a timeless design that will remain relevant for years to come.

    All the designs are screen printed onto our fashion fit T-Shirts which gives them a great feel as the artwork becomes part of the tee instead of feeling like it’s sitting on top as you would get with a vinyl transfer.

    And so, the T-Shirt itself. Cricket Originals T-Shirts are made in the heart of England from 100% ring-spun cotton with a self binding neck and side seams which make for a comfortable fit, retaining its shape through every wash. The size and care labels are on the inside seam proudly displaying the “Made in Britain, sweatshop free” tagline. They are a lighter weight tee and have a ‘British fit’ which is slightly slimmer but not tight. Sizes range from Small to XXL and all are just £19.99 with free UK shipping.

    So, what’s the wait for? Pick a design and get ordering. Thank you for being an Original