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  1. An Old Rhino

    I'm always looking at other graphics as a source of inspiration and I love looking at some of the old designs from sports catalogues or 80's cricket bats.

    So with this in mind I came up with a design refrencing an old rhino in a simple red and blue circle. If you recognise its reference then I hope you'll appreciate it and if you don't but you just like the design then that's great too!



    Rhino Logo


    So, I posted it on our Instagram page to see what people think and...

    There's a lot of love for the old rhino, and I've had some people contact me to see about using him.

    So with this in mind we might do a limited edition tee for Xmas? Watch this space...

  2. Stick Em Up!

    The UK cricket season may be over but we're still working hard.

    We're about to launch some winter lines such as hoodies and sweatshirts and there may be an offer or two on existing products.

    Another thing that has got us excited is designing some cricket bat stickers.

    Cricket Originals Bat Sticker 1 Cricket Originals Bat Sticker 2

    Over on our Instagram page we've been sampling some designs to see what the feedback might be for a possible product line next season.

    Let us know what you think by getting in touch or visiting our social media pages.